Marine Slipway & Wet berth

The Shipyard is well equipped for Marine Repair Work as well as its new vessel construction division.

Maintenance and Repairs can be conducted in water in the wet berth or by hauling out on our Marine slipway. This provides clients with a flexibility to optimise our services as an operational support facility.


Wet berth for in water repair

This has secure and shelterd mooring adjacent our shipyard workshops and offer a 2 x 12 ton overhead gantry for significant projects. The berth will accomodate vessels to 60m in length  which is utilised to launch new vessels and to haul vessels for refit and repair work.


Marine Slipway

Our Marine slipway rail system consists of 5 sets of double tracks running the length of the open yard for approximately 120m at near level before inclining for the launch area.
The level area allows multiple vessels to be stored at any one time and vessels can be moved off rail system for long term projects.

There are many different configurations for the cradles allowing a great deal of flexibility to the types of vessels which can be handled. This also allows sections of vessels to be moved and aligned accurately such as lengthening existing vessels.