About Us

In January 2014 Shipco 360 acquired the yard and equipment from the former owner Mr Pat Ganley to continue the legacy of 20 years of building robust vessels, towing winches and deck equipment under the Shipco brand.

Our company, Shipco 360, continues on with ship construction as its core business, for which the yard is well suited.The new company also conducts a lot of ship repair and aims to build strong supportive relationships with clients in this area.  Strong in field support and back up is very important value of the company.We are strving to become teh very best in the of aftermarket support of our clients.  

The antipodean partnership of the parent companies, New Zealand based Integrated Marine Group and Spanish based Vicalsa Group, combines a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience to take the facility forward. The experience of the staff ranges from shore based design, engineering and construction experience through to staff that have operated vessels in the world’s most hostile ocean environments.

Integrated Marine Group, alongside its partner engineering companies, are based in Auckland and have a wealth of experience with the Superyacht and expedition style vessel market. They specialise in refit and repair work. Integrated Marine Group also have a Yacht Support division looking after any vessel’s shore side needs, including providing quality qualified crew for yachts, workboats and delivery voyages.

Vicalsa is resident in Vigo, Spain and has four separate companies as part of the group. It has operated for over 40 years and covers a broad range of engineering manufacturing, vessel construction, maintenance and repair across three sites in and around Vigo. The first site, Comevisa, is an advanced facility incorporating the latest technology in laser cutting, metal bending, forming and robotic welding. This facility constructs equipment for military, marine and commercial application to very high and exacting standards.

The second facility, Vicalsa, is a heavy engineering facility with large machining and ship construction machinery. This facility manufactures commercial vessels, structures and equipment for a variety of marine, mining and oil and gas applications.

The third location, Atollvic, is a shipyard with three slipways ( two covered) specialising in Superyacht Refit and Repair. Integrated Marine Group and Atollvic have worked for many years in a collective partnership on Superyacht refit, repair and providing in-field technical support.

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